Acero Capital is primarily focusing on investments in such industries as Venture Capital & Private Equity in San Francisco Bay Area

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San Francisco Bay Area
At Acero Capital we are actively pursuing investments in enterprise IT including IT infrastructure, enterprise mobility, data analytics and enterprise cloud applications. We are just getting started, but after we complete investing our inaugural fund and look back at our investments, we want the unifying themes across our investments to be (a) a relentless search for new approaches to large and established markets, (b) management teams with exceptional foresight and resourcefulness and, (c) an emphasis on capital-efficient business models that can turn capital efficiency into competitive advantage.We're managing $150 million in our inaugural fund, and we are actively seeking new investment opportunities. We know that it takes nerves of steel to go against the herd and champion a new approach. If this is what you would like to do, we would like to support you.
Rami Elkhatib
General Partner