Climate Capital is primarily focusing on investments in such industries as Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, Real Estate, VC Firm in San Francisco

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San Francisco
Climate Capital seeks to invest alongside Tier 1 pre-seed, seed, and Series A investors into companies whose products or services directly or indirectly chip away at the leading contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. While past investment history is not indicative of future dealflow, four prior investments that fit Climate Capital's thesis are: - Lyft (reducing car ownership for shorter rides) - Mosaic (flexible home improvement & solar loans & financing) - Starcity (community living) - Bright (rooftop solar for the developing world) About Sundeep: - Investor: 70+ incl Good Eggs, Burrow, Starcity, Tovala, Notable Labs, Lively & The Flex Company - Co-founder: RichRelevance (~$96m raised), Sparked (acquired), blissmo (acquired) - Climate: co-founder @ Silicon Climate, author @ HALINE, producer @ Last Glimpse - Advisor: 15+ incl IndieGoGo, Hooked,, Counsyl, Mosaic & AngelList - BD @ AWS; Product @ MySpace & eBay; helped launch; Stanford BS CS