Dioko Health Ventures
VC Firm
Dioko Health Ventures targets early and growth stage investment opportunities with a focus on healthcare and information technology within the following criteria: - Business investment opportunities that are driving change in healthcare and helping current institutions adapt to a world in which they must be better, faster, and cheaper. - Technologies that are largely outside the scope of Healthcare EMR solutions. - Winston Salem / Charlotte Regional Area Healthcare and Technology startups led by strong management teams and sector specific expertise. - Technologies that have been developed and proven as part of the Novarus Healthcare Incubator. The fund will be co-managed by FCA Venture Partners, a healthcare and technology focused VC firm based in Nashville, TN * This is a brand new Venture Capital Firm being started in North Carolina. We are currently looking to hire someone at the Partner level. Please see the job posting below for more information!
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Andrew Bouldin
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Portfolio Roadmap
Portfolio Roadmap provides an in-depth view into milestones, current, past and future, of the portfolio companies, letting you assess your direct and indirect investments with a higher level of detail.