Quabbin Capital is primarily focusing on investments in such industries as Investment Management in Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston, Massachusetts
Quabbin Capital is an Alternative Investment firm focusing on assets in the US and certain international markets.Its diversified portfolio includes medium to long-term investments, with interests in private equity, mezzanine loans, venture capital, energy, and real estate. Quabbin has completed over fifty direct and fund investments in a diverse group of industries ranging from early stage bioscience and digital technology to manufacturing and financial services.Patience, rigorous analysis, and attention to detail are elements that define the Quabbin Capital investment process. Quabbin believes investment success is dependent on certain critical components. These include having close and productive relationships between sponsors, co-investors, and company management. When evaluating investment opportunities, Quabbin looks for companies with products and services that have proprietary advantages, strong margins, and a qualified management team in place.Given the complexity and inherent risk in private equity and alternative asset classes, Quabbin welcomes the opportunity to work with experienced investment and management professionals who can enhance decision making processes. The active participation approach of Quabbin's sponsors and co-investors at the board or advisory level, and the cooperation of management at our portfolio companies, ensures a comprehensive, objective view of value creation opportunities.
Chip Wahle
Managing Director