Stella Point Capital is primarily focusing on investments in such industries as Investment Management in Greater New York City Area

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Greater New York City Area
Based in New York City, Stella Point Capital is a private equity firm that enables well-positioned businesses to access transformational growth opportunities. Our value extends beyond funding by providing owners and management teams with senior counsel, operational expertise, and long-range market insight.Our managing partners have invested over $2 billion of equity capital in more than 35 investments, in their prior firms. We believe that our experience and capital providers afford us flexibility in terms of investment structure, size and time horizon to meet the needs of a business and its owners and managers. We seek to provide unparalleled senior level attention to our partners through our nimble, flexible and straightforward relationship. With the experience and perspective to help you achieve long-term growth, we are investors and partners in your success.Our investment focus is in sectors where members of our team have successfully created value over the past two decades: Industrial, Consumer and Business Services. We have meaningfully specialized and differentiated capabilities and valuable market insights that allow us to formulate proactive business strategies and strive for success. We seek to partner with established, growing enterprises managed by talented and execution-oriented teams that have developed deep and lasting customer relationships and fostered a culture of success within their organizations.Our targeted approach to transformational growth leverages our experience across these industry verticals to support the continued development of businesses in which we invest.
Adam Godfrey
Managing Partner