Urban Us is primarily focusing on investments in such industries as Transportation, VC Firm, Real Estate, Industrial, Governments, Clean Energy, Infrastructure, Water, Logistics, Public Safety, Real Estate Technology in San Francisco

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San Francisco
Urban Us is the leading early stage investor for startups re-imagining cities. We're interested in problems related to urbanization and climate change. We invest in sectors like real estate, public safety, transport, logistics, water, energy, waste, air quality, construction, architecture, internet connectivity and local government. We're usually the first investor. We've invested in over 60 of today's leading urbantech startups such as Bowery Farming, One Concern, Starcity, Future Motion and Rachio. We're uniquely able to help with areas that most VCs try to avoid like hardware, regulated industries, public policy, procurement and non-equity fundraising. Does our approach work? Once we invest, we have one of the highest follow-on investment rates at the seed stage - 70%. Our URBAN-X program is ideal for companies looking to get into the best shape before a seed raise. Our Urban Us fund can lead or join pre-seed, seed and seed+ rounds.