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… and get selected for Milestone Think Tank. Best Think Tank participants will get nominated for Milestone Awards, a place and time for glory, exposure, introductions to top VCs, and cash prizes!

TERMS and CONDITIONS of Grant Contest

  1. The program is open to all startups subject to KYC and other legal requirements that must be abided by in the USA and the State of California.
  2. By entering, you agree to abide by the terms of the official rules and any decision of the Certified Partners and invited judges. The Certified Partners and invited judges will be deciding on the quality of your roadmap, your team, and ability to scale from information listed on the milestoneBased platform plus other public domain information on your project. If you are shortlisted, they will be in touch to ask additional questions to qualify your suitability to be invited to pitching or awarded. You must do a Twitter and Telegram post stating that you’ve entered, and a “follow” of these milestoneBased channels to be entered.
  3. This program starts in November 2023, and runs until canceled.
  4. Any and all awards and privileges are non-transferable, and must be taken as awarded.
  5. We collect entrants' email addresses, names and phone numbers to get in touch with you as part of this contest which are subject to our privacy policy and GDPR regulation. By participating or continuing any interaction you are giving consent to storing and processing your data, as well as forwarding it to the co-organizers of this program.
  6. milestoneBased may change the terms and conditions of this program without notice.
  7. Good luck! :)

The MILE token is at the Core of Our Ecosystem

Provides access to platform features, governance, voting, community rewards, and liquidity mining
MILE Token Address:

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Startup Get Ready for Breakthrough!

Use milestoneBased to create an engaging and long lasting investor experience!
Startup Profile

Create Explicit Profile for Your Startup!

Investors appreciate professional and simple to glance through data room - that’s what milestoneBased provides. But wait! Can a typical data room solution create further long lasting engagement?

Shine with Your Data
Add your team members, advisors, and previous investors to portfolio. Give access to video pitches.
Long Lasting Investor Relationships
Investors will receive essential updates from the startups they “liked”
Get Verified Badge (need to qualify)
Pass our team’s quick diligence and get the verified badge on your profile
Schedule Calls with Investors
We integrate Calendly right on your profile page so that investors can schedule pitch sessions with you!
Profile that creates engagement!

Visual Progress for Your Stakeholders & Potential Investors

Use milestoneBased Gantt charting tool for your strategic and project-specific roadmaps, accessible by important stakeholders.

Align around Your Roadmap
Sell your plan, not just the vision. Roadmap helps your investors and stakeholders understand your “how” and be able to line up resources for you
Hit Milestone after Milestone
Create confidence and build momentum by reporting your actual traction
Leverage Battle-Tested Roadmaps
Reuse successful roadmaps from our library created by industry experts
Stand out with your first roadmap!

Tap into milestoneBased Introductions Network

On milestoneBased, your profile can be shared among investors. We all know personal introductions work the best!

Get on Investors Radar
Once your profile is set it appears in search results as well as deal flow pipelines of multiple investors
Get Introduced to More VCs
Introductions component allows VCs to share startups like yours with each other
Get matched (coming soon)
As you grow your profile the algorithm will match you with the most relevant investors & advisors
Set yourself for intros today!

Leverage Industry Winning Business Templates

Memos are like notes or blog entries supercharged with the valuable templates used by the mentors of the most successful accelerators and consulting companies on Earth.

Provide Professional Insights
Up your game with dozens of templates such as business model canvas, SWOT, portfolio analysis, products matrix, which your competitors don’t even know of
Publish Updates
Memos can be attached to milestones so you can provide updates on your progress
Generate Relevant Leads
Share your knowledge via memos and generate interest turning into relationship over time
Set yourself for intros today!

Browse the Most Relevant Investors

Explore among more than a thousand of investors on the platform, their preferences, & past investments

1,000+ Web3.0 Investor Profiles
Get access to one of the richer list of investors in Web3
Filter & Save Investor Lists
Select the most relevant investors for your industry, geography, business model, and stage
Get on Investors Radar
You will be constantly getting into the top of investors’ funnel on the platform, based on your relevance to their criteria
Access investor data now!

Investor Automate Your Core Routines!

Refine your unique value add & enjoy seamless experience of dealflow creation and sharing, investments and portfolio tracking!
Investor Profile

Build Your VC Brand

With milestoneBased, you can turn your expertise into a VC brand and get exposed to startups and partners

Manage Your Investment Preferences
Indicate what interests you to get relevant introductions
Connect with Your Portfolio Companies
Not only indicate your portfolio companies, get tightly connected with them
Build Your Long Term Reputation
The more you do on milestoneBased the more your profile grows for better LP and deal flow engagement
Start reinforcing your VC brand for more LP and deal flow!

Track the Progress of Your Portfolio

Get an instant understanding where any company of your interest is at, for your peace of mind and ability to chime in wherever your help is needed

Their Progress
Quickly get a bird eye view on the progress of your portfolio or pipeline company
Add Suggestions
Feed the portfolio companies with the right knowledge with your own or pre-existing memos
Track Company Changes
Understand the company’s past and present via a very simple interface
Get no introduction missed!

Make Introductions & Grow Your Network

Connect with other industry players & grow your power by referring relevant deals to them

Send Projects You Like
Introductions are currently all over the place. milestoneBased allows you to send intros that won’t be lost
Manage Inbound Deal Flow
See all the inbound introductions in one place and manage them in a structured way
Automate Your Decision Making
Send the introductions directly into your pipeline for further processing
Set yourself for intros today!

Structure Your Deal Flow with Pipelines

Pipelines allow you to structure your deal flow by its stage and build focus of your investment activities

Get Best Projects on Your Radar
With the Top of the Funnel allows you to create a filter for getting the best fit projects in the top of your funnel effortlessly
Keep Deal Flow in One Place
Whether the project is on the platform or now, pipelines help you keep them all of them in one place
Get Updates from Projects (coming soon)
Follow the project’s traction so that you can make more educated decisions
Set yourself for intros today!

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Become a partner and build your successful advisory business
Earn recurring revenue monthly - as much as $60,000 annually depending on your effort and efficiency
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Become member of exclusive milestoneBased community
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  • Product design
  • Development
Q2 2021
  • Team formation
  • Product roadmap creation
  • Product design and developing Demo
Q3 2021
  • Legal incorporation, token
  • Demo Product v.1 polishing
  • Whitepaper development
  • Documentation polishing
  • Content Marketing starts
Q4 2021
  • Security audit by Zokyo
  • Voting and Withdrawal testing
  • White paper development
  • Roadmap deployed on BSC
  • mb roadmap deployment on blockchain
  • Beta Product Launch
  • First paying customer
  • Integrated marketing campaign
Q1 2022
  • White Paper publication
  • Business development and VC relations
  • IDO Launch/DEX listings
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • 30 new customers
  • Token integration within the platform
  • First launchpad integration
Q2 2022
  • Voting strategies update
  • Introduction of the next blockchain
  • Portfolio invitations on     platform
  • Grants for roadmaps campaign
  • 30 new customers
  • CEX listing
Q3 2022
  • Token utility integration design
  • Business model set-up
  • Grant context for roadmaps
  • Security Audit by Vidma
  • Dedicated knowledge sharing hubs on mB
  •  Streams function release
Q4 2022
  • Community and platform marketing push
  • Knowledge-sharing hubs design
  • First 50 users on the platform
  • Streams function release
Q1 2023
  • Notifications
  • Karma and tiers release
  • Staking function
  • Ambassadorship program
Q2 2023
  • Messenger inside of the platform
  • SAFT integration
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Multichain
Q3 -Q4 2023
  • KPI tracking beta
  • 10 projects invested through milestoneBased
  • Data-driven milestone releases
  • VC/ Project interface improvement
  • AI investment vehicle
  • Automatic module for companies registration
  • ZK proof sharing of traction data
  • Capital matching of venture loans
  • First free zone on Blockchain


Launchpads Partners


milestoneBased Announces 'Grants for Roadmaps'; $250,000 USD in...

MilestoneBased, has announced the launch of "Grants for Roadmaps." Under this program, up to three grants of...

July 15, 2022

MilestoneBased announces IDO of its MILE token on...

San Francisco, March 23, 2022 — MilestoneBased, the first company to leverage a blockchain distributed autonomous org...

March 24, 2022

Announces Public Token Launch on Pancake Swap

San Francisco, March, 16th 2021 — milestoneBased, the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) and ...

March 16, 2022

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