640k $Budget
640k $Budget
$1M OTC Deal
Scale business
Ian Arden
Start Date
Sep 04, 2023 08:00 PM
End Date
Sep 30, 2023 08:00 PM
Short goal
Get funding in order to expedite the development & growth of the platform
Long goal
Our current goal is to find a marketing and market making partner who will be open to:
- buy $200k-$1M worth of tokens from us
- commit to promote the token, market make it, push to centralized exchange (we will pay additional $100k worth of tokens for that), get re-listed on CMC and CoinGecko, get trending
- ensure 30 partnerships with already launched projects for them to use milestoneBased DAO - the benefit with them would be that their token would be staked on milestoneBased to increase their price traction
- gather affiliate gang for the Affiliate and Partnership program

In addition to that here’s milestoneBased pitch deck related to AI enabled features.

We have invested about $1.6M of our own funds and $500k of small private investors money so far.


The milestone has no memos yet