Whitepaper Dos and Donts

I've contributed to a good hundred blockchain projects. Some with my ideas and suggestions. Others were using the help of my firm from the very start and to the successful launches of their products, scalable product marketing and investor traction.

Making a good white paper is one of those important things that a decent project should care about. Simply because everything has to be up to the par in a good project.

Here are my recommendations:

1. Your brand identity matters. Some projects have been super creative about the look and feel of their whitepapers (I can recall Udoo and Tap Global as the most beautiful ones). The others were staying strictly scientific (take Plasma or Polka Dot). In any case they followed their style and knew what their audience cared about.

2. It's less critical now, but the community was obsessed about the uniqueness. Although it's been okay to fork the best open source code solutions, the community wouldn't stand a single sentence copied or remotely resembling another project. Therefore, you want to remain unique.

3. Keep it flexible. Tokeneconomics are rarely set in stone and change oftentimes. Keep the most uncertain parts susceptible to changes outside of the white paper.

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